Top 7 Valentine’s Day Planning Tips From Top Florists

Valentine's Day Planning

How do you handle the huge spike in orders, the stress and the sheer volumes of flowers whizzing around the world

To make your Valentine’s Day or peak period as successful as possible is to prepare properly. These Valentine’s Day Planning Tips inspired from leading floral designers will help you as a florist every Valentine’s Day season to boost your local business and market your shop for success.

Valentine’s Day Planning – What Do I Need To Do?

  1. The first part of our planning process focuses on cost. Prepare Your purchasing budgets
  2. Let Aisha Flowers know how many orders you can fill and what stock of fresh cut flowers you need this Valentine’s Day.
  3. Plan for the above normal stock levels – One logistical issue that we have to overcome each year is how and where to set up all the extra flowers and fulfilment kit that we need for the big Valentine send-out.
  4. Review your results from last Valentine’s Day and determine which programs or initiatives were successful and should be repeated.
  5. Preparation for a marketing campaign – A peak period is a great time for customer acquisition as, unlike the rest of the year, many people who don’t usually buy flowers suddenly are.
  6. Optimize your website with Valentine’s Day products and promotions.
  7. Take a moment to review your internal processes for accepting/rejecting an order and sending a delivery confirmation with your staff.

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