Flower Care – Care & Handling of packed flowers

packed flowers

How to Take Care & Handle of packed flowers


Plan ahead:

1. Location: do not process packed flowers close to air vents, next to fruit (ethylene) or in freezing temperatures.
2. Clean the cooler (keep temperature of the cooler around 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity around 90%)
3. Clean and disinfect containers (use bleach and a scrub brush)
4. Fill containers with clean water and preservative
5. Use proper water temperature (if water is too warm (above 110 Fahrenheit) during conditioning, roses may open prematurely)
6. Clean and sharpen tools (do not use scissors, they tend to mash the stems)

Upon arrival:

1. Cut – don’t pull! – sleeves and bands from flowers. Pulling may damage them.
2. Do not unpack more flowers than you can process within 30 minutes. Flowers should not be left on tables or in boxes at room temperature.
3. Place unopened boxes in a floral cooler. Prevent bottom of box from getting wet by placing boxes on pallet.


1. After receiving the roses, remove some of the leaves on the lower part of the stem, but make sure that you do not remove any of the plastic or paper around the rosebuds! Remove foliage and thorns that will be below the water line. It is not recommended to remove more than 1/3 of the foliage, however. Leaves are needed to help “pump” water up the stem. Use extreme caution while de-thorning the roses: leaf and stem wounds allow air bubbles to enter the stem which impede water uptake.
2. Cut the stems at an angle at least ½ – 1 inch. Cut the stems under water, in order to prevent air bubbles from sealing off the stem (it only takes a second for a rose stem to dry out!). Re-cut stems under water every two or three days. This will prevent wilting or bent necks.
3. Let the roses hydrate (“drink”) outside the cooler (condition at room temperature to increase water intake) for 1½ hour and for at least another six hours (some people recommend up to 12 hours!) inside the cooler.

Now the roses are ready for further processing and arranging for sales.


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** Care & Handling of Chrysanthemums. **

Try to condition them overnight in the cooler before using them in design work.

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** Care & Handling of Lilies. **

Avoid ethylene sources. To prevent pollen from staining petals (and clothing!!) remove anthers. Handle carefully, as open flowers crease easily. The top bloom usually normally does not open.

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