Rhodos Red Roses; The African Red Rose Variety Currently Enjoying Most Favorable Demand

rhodos red roses

Rhodos red roses is the red rose variety with the most reliable and consistent volume of supply

The Rhodos red roses big-heads are grown in native soil on an Kenyan farm that’s located between on the slopes of Mt Kenya at an elevation more than 2,300 meters above sea level. These Rhodos red roses feature fatter stems — think finger size — and larger leaves than traditional red rose varieties. The buds with 60 or more petals open to large flower heads that are 3 to 4 inches across. The Rhodos rose is huge, thornless, easy to clean, easy to handle, extremely long lasting, tall and perfect for supreme bouquets

Colour: Red
 Colour Description:Deep Red
 Bloom Size:Large
 Bloom Size Details:5-6cm
 Lengths available:Ranging from 60 to 90 cm
 Vase Life:Long
 Availability:Log into our Webshop to check the availability.
 Variety Substitution(s):Freedom, Madam Red, Explorer Red

Rhodos red roses unique selling points.

  • Best quality vase life
  • Visual eye catcher
  • The best rose for your events
  • Vibrant red colour
  • Commercial value for the florist
Rhodos Roses Care Tips for Florists.

If you fresh Rhodos Red Roses Variety, give each flower a fresh cut under running water. Place the fresh-cut stems in a bucket of tepid water treated with a floral preservative that should come with the flowers. Change the water whenever it gets cloudy, adding more floral preservative. Keep fallen or attached leaves out of the water; also, keep fresh flowers out of direct sunlight and away from drafts.

Rhodos red roses are currently very good alternatives to Freedom red roses

Freedom red roses have traditionally been the most popular red rose for florists and floral designers. Freedom roses are a bright red, with large heads and gently rolling petals. It’s the Valentine’s Day bestseller and also perfect for anytime. Daringly beautiful, freedom red roses captivate and enchant.

Rhodos Red Roses

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