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Roses to Saudi Arabia: A market that prefers very open flowers

Understanding the florist needs and preferences of the Arabic cultures is the key behind success in the Roses to Saudi Arabia Flower market. The rose is the most popular flower in this market and the highest selling color on a weekly basis is the red rose for which the most demanded.

Large buds, long and thick stems, saturated colors and fantastic foliage are some of the characteristics that allows us to sell to the most exclusive and strict Saudi Arabia Wholesale fresh cut roses shipping around the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Al-Ahsa, Ta’if, Dammam, Abha, Buraidah, Khobar and Tabuk.

Supplying Roses to Saudi Arabia is challenging, They prefer high-quality roses, with very open flowers and at a cheap price. Today, i discuss the openness of roses they like.

roses to saudi arabia cut stage 3roses to saudi arabia

The market of wholesale Roses to Saudi Arabia has evolved. Same as the variety of colours, head size, stem’s consistency and length. For this reason the difference between the cut stage for different markets is minimum and we defined in three groups.

Best Selling – Roses to Saudi Arabia

The exact cut stage measure might vary among the farms.

  • Cut stage 2: Mostly used for the Asian market and European.
    The flower is already open “tighter” but far from being a flower with full opening.
  • Cut stage 3: Mostly used for the USA and Middle East market.
    Roses are produced with a more “open cut” by harvesting. This technique produces stronger stems, larger flowers and ensures maximum opening and vase life.
  • Cut stage 4: Mostly used for the Russian market.
    The “most open” possible cut stage. This process is reserved for a very specific, large headed variety selection.

The retail shops in Saudi Arabia do not keep large stocks and prefer to buy fresh roses daily basis; they opt for flowers that are open (Cut stage 3).

This market is good and attractive for roses but other than roses; the second highest selling flower is the chrysanthemum

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