5 tips a florist should consider when Marketing during Ramadan

5 tips a florist should consider when Marketing during Ramadan

Ramadan is a very important occasion for the Muslims, it is the Ninth month of the lunar (Islamic) calendar,  a time to fast. This month also marks a change in consumer purchase behaviour therefore as a florist you will need a different marketing strategy to be able to sell your Ramadan flowers during this month. But before structuring a new strategy there are a few things you need to consider.

5 tips a florist should consider when Marketing during Ramadan

These are the 5 tips a florist should consider when Marketing during Ramadan

1. Culture sensitivity

Add Ramadan symbols to your Ad images example the crescent and the lanterns. also be culture sensitive by avoiding having alcoholic drinks on your Ads or touching on topics that are sensitive during this period such as sex.

2. Appreciate Mobile Medium

During Ramadan, there are 4.8x more conversions than any other time according to Facebook. Allocate your budget accordingly to be Mobile-first to be able to maximize your reach share. Be creative with simple and clear Call To Action (CTA) remember you are targeting food and sleep deprived audiences.

3.Have an integrated marketing campaign

Studies have shown that during this period a customer has Two or more devices in front of them.
It is important to create a marketing strategy that integrates both the online and digital media and communicating the same message. This gives a seamless transition from one device to another, for example, have the same message and graphic on social media as your website. and also to the decoration of your website.

4. Reach your Audiences at the right time

Target your email notifications at the right time, know when your audiences will convert more. You should post your Ads or email notifications a few hours before the break when your audiences are preparing for iftar.

5. Be respectful

You are trying to attract the attention of Muslims customers and at the same time have catchy statements, be careful not to show or say something that can end up being offensive to them. Do your research about Ramadan if you are a Non-muslim, engage with your customers to know what can be offensive and what can’t.
Curate messages that both respects the Muslim culture and at the same time attract their attention.

With this tips, you will be able to effectively market your Ramadan flowers during the whole period.

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