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Wholesale flowers to UAE constituent emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

The Wholesale market of flowers to UAE is growing and its also growing more sophisticated as buyers demand are becoming stricter. Competition is strong with several local and international trading companies supplying the UAE and regional markets. Importers will switch suppliers if flowers and foliage become too expensive. Dubai (UAE) and the Dubai Flower Centre is a relatively modest trade hub.

Flowers to UAE: Quality requirements

Satisfying basic buyer requirements and legal requirements (Phytosanitary requirements) is a must for flowers to UAE. The quality requirements specifically mentioned by importers as:

  1. straight stems
  2. clean and shiny leaves
  3. long vase life (about 7 days, so that products can stay all week in lobby arrangements)
  4. longer stems are reflected in a higher price
  5. clean and undamaged products
  6. uniformity in flowers and foliage, such as length, opening stage and colour.

Flowers to UAE: Assortment

Most flowers sold in the Middle East are standard assortment and very much in line with European markets (mostly same supplying countries).
Buyers primarily look for a specific colour or combination of colours, and then look for the available varieties. Emiratis have a preference for strong and bright colours (not pastels). In many cases, importers have had either good or bad experiences with a specific product or variety, which influences purchasing preferences. Importers prefer to work with suppliers who are able to offer a complete assortment.

Flowers to UAE: Packaging

Most products are distributed in strong corrugated carton boxes; regular export boxes, with no special requirements for staples and straps. Returnable packaging is rarely used.
The packaging method depends mainly on the variety and size, the wishes of the importer, transport conditions, and the required product temperature (cold chain for most foliage and warmer temperatures for tropical flowers).
Depending on importer preference, paper or plastic sleeves, protective wraps, straps and other packaging materials are used.

Flowers to UAE: Labelling

There are no statutory labelling requirements for cut flowers and foliage. Exporters are encouraged to mark and label each box clearly (ink stamping is not enough) stating:

  1. destination, including the name and address,
  2. description of the product and variety,
  3. pack size/count,
  4. code/reference/line number,
  5. information on the supplier, and
  6. special care or specific care and handling information

Large, clear labels stating the class, variety, count, size and contents should be attached to both ends of the box to assist identification. Information on the supplier and special care labels can be printed either as part of the graphic design or on plastic adhesive labels. If labels are used, they should be carefully placed on the boxes to enhance the box’s appearance.

Best Selling Flowers to UAE

Flowers to UAE: Trade Shows and Fairs

The IPM Dubai (International Plants Expo Middle East) is the leading international floriculture trade fair in the Gulf Region.

It is recommended that you attend the trade fair at least once a year as a visitor to keep in touch with the market.

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