Fresh Cut Hydrangea Flower Care Tricks

flower care for hydrangea

Fresh Cut Hydrangea Care for Consumers

How to keep fresh cut hydrangea from wilting; the simple end customer tricks and florist’s tricks that can work. Wholesale sellers at Aisha flowers

  • Choose a Vase, preferably glass, which holds plenty of water (minimum 1 liter). Clean and disinfect using warm water, add some chlorine and scrub with a sponge or brush.
  • Once the vase is rinsed and clean add fresh room temperature water.
  • Cut the bottom part of the stem (above the node) to eliminate any sap that might prevent proper water absorption.
  • Quickly remove any damaged leaves to prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the foliage.
  • Hydrangeas get their nutrients from water as well as plant food.  For premium flower care we recommend Chrysal cut flower food mixed with cold Water.
  • Add 1 packet of Chrysal per 1 Pt. of water. This will help maximize vase life and improves the quality of the blooms by stabilizing the water PH.
  • Put the Hydrangeas inside the Vase with the water and plant food mixture, making sure there is no foliage under water which might cause the spreading of bacteria into the liquid.
  • Place the hydrangeas in an area where there is oxygen flow and no direct sunlight.
  • Replace water every 2 -3 days or as needed. Fresh water is best to keep hydrangeas crisp and alive for longer periods of time.

fresh cut hydrangea

Fresh Cut Hydrangea Care for Wholesalers | Supermarkets

  • Upon arrival remove the fresh cut hydrangea from the box and cut 2cm above the water packets on the bottom of the stems.
  • Pour Chrysal professional hydration solution as instructed into clean buckets filled with cold fresh water.
  • Make sure no leaves remain under water. This will cause a rapid deterioration of the foliage and may cause spreading of bacteria.
  • Let the fresh cut hydrangea sit for a minimum of 6- 12 hours in the hydrating solution before preparing them for shelf display or making any type of arrangements. This will ensure optimum strength throughout the stems and open blooms.

Cut Hydrangea Care for Designers | Event Planners | Florists

If you are displaying blooms without a water source:

  • Arrange the fresh cut hydrangea as desired
  • Dip Arrive Alive sponge in water with Chrysal Professional #3 or Rose Pro Vase food solution disolved for 1-10 seconds. Then, wrap each stem with the soaked Arrive Alive sponge and secure a rubber band on top of foam. Use a second rubber band outside the plastic bag to prevent leaks.
  • Place in desired dispay case.


Always keep your fresh cut hydrangea in a fresh place, with good oxygen flow and far from any heat deriving source. A Floral cooler is recommended for storage. Temperature should be between 6 to 13 degrees Celsius or 42 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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